Word of mouth


Most of us know that word of mouth can be the best advertising for almost any business. I’m sure that we have all been the person who gives advice to our friends, family and co-workers on our experiences from time to time. This can either make or break a business and with the internet making it easy for people to put their experiences for the whole world to see, it can be easy to make assumptions on a place without even stepping through the door.

This is where the people that you know and trust become invaluable.

Recently my partner and I travelled from Perth to Brisbane with our two girls for what I would like to call our “blended holiday”. This was a great experience and I found that catching up with my family and friends exposed us to some fabulous new places that had been discovered in our absence. I had also done some research myself and had found things that I could tick off on my foodie bucket list that was family friendly (what a magical experience this was).

After the “blended family holiday” with our girls, my partner and I travelled down to Sydney for a romantic long weekend away. This created more friends giving us some amazing suggestions on where to go and what to do while we were in Sydney. We found ourselves having a better experience than we could ever have hoped for as the places we went to were enjoyed by people we already knew and it cut down the time of researching activities and together we could instantly decide what to do as we had a huge list of awesome places that was recommended to us.

For me, there is something so completely special about being taken to a place that your friends and family have recently fallen in love with or have a great memory of a place they visited while on holidays. It automatically creates a sense of wonder, excitement and also you can sit back a relax knowing that someone who knows you, has recommended a place that they think you will also love as much as they did and that, for me, cannot be beaten.

So as your foodie friend I wanted to share some fabulous places (and the links) I that was recommended to me and as a result I visited and fell in love with on my travels in Brisbane and Sydney. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did 🙂


Il Barocco Palazzo Versace – Gold Coast:


Provenance Craft Bistro – Chermside:


LONgTime Restaurant – Fortitude Valley:


Putia Pure Food – Banyo:



Buckley’s – East Circular Quay:


Bar Tapavino – Sydney CBD:


De-Vine Food and Wine – Sydney CBD:


Burger Project – World Square Shopping Centre:


Guylian Belgian Chocolate Café – Circular Quay:


4fourteen – Surry Hills:


Gelato Messina – Surry Hills:




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