Eloise’s Edible Garden


My foodie obsession has gone to a whole new level (you might say that I get carried away when it comes to anything with food). I have decided to bring some more responsibility in my life in the form of looking after some living herbs.

Now I must admit, right here, right now that I am no green thumb in fact I have not really had much success in keeping anything plant wise alive but this year I feel like I have matured enough to take on the conscious effort to look after another living soul all by myself and that I am ready to finally expand my knowledge of food by growing them.

 Above is a picture of my beautiful herb garden, well to be honest this is what it looked like when I first created it. What I have found is that I am full of great ideas (I’m certainly the creative type) however I’m not so much in the follow through.

The first day that I created the herb garden I didn’t go and buy the herbs until late afternoon. What I didn’t take into account is that herbs can get stressed too like humans when they get moved and replanted, this combined with being watered in the late afternoon and a very cold night the first time in their new home causes the poor little herbs to get freezer burn.


Now this devastated me, I thought I was ready, I thought I had grown so much now that I’m almost 30 but as you can see I tried and failed.

So with my tail between my legs I thought, what do I do?

Crawl under a rock and understand that I’m not ready to look after another life or get my stubborn pants on and try again?

Well I decided to grow in another way by learning from my own mistakes. I looked at the plants and decided I would love them in the hope to nurse them back to health. This time I was realistic and knew that some of them wouldn’t survive however my natural personality fault of looking at life through rose tinted glasses left a little bit of hope lingering that all of the little herbs would survive.

My persistence with the plants resulted in a few of them slowly coming back to health after a couple of weeks and a lot of TLC. Now they aren’t out of the woods just yet however I have now found a new determination and also realised that I can grow something in my herb garden if I take a bit more time to research what I best for the plants instead of looking at the ideals of what the herb garden could be.

Life creates challenges (big or small) in our journey that can motivate us to grow. In my now “older” and “wiser” age, I’m becoming a big believer in trying new things and if you don’t succeed the first time, add a little more love to the mix and you never know what will happen 🙂



  1. Judy · June 23, 2015

    Just love your stubborn pants………sounds something everyone needs.
    Piece of gardening advice, when you transplant your precious plants cover them with a little hat to give them a chance to settle in, it is a bit like a mini glasshouse for them. In the garden I use an empty plant pot or bucket or eve old umbrella over them. In a bed like you have maybe a large black garbage bag over the whole set up for the first night or two. In Qld I need to create a micro climate for a day or two as protection from the heat, sounds like in your winter you need to protect from the cold. Enjoy growing something edible and then having the joy of harvesting and eating.

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    • eloisesedibles · June 23, 2015

      Awesome advice!
      Thank you so much 🙂
      I really want them to be happy herbies!

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    • Ellen Hawley · July 28, 2015

      Great idea. I start mine early in the year, on what’s basically a three-season porch, so they get cold at night. A plastic bag seems to be enough–and it keeps the moisture in as well.

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  2. Dave & Sharynne Wilder · June 23, 2015

    Keep at it! We’ve been growing our own herbs for years. It’s so wonderful to just go out with a pair of scissors and get some fresh oregano, chives, basil. And the plants love being selectively harvested – it just makes them grow all the more. (Make sure to pinch off any flowers they grow; that’ll keep them putting out more leaves. Are you growing cilantro? You can let them “go to seed,” which results in loads of lovely coriander seeds, which you use as a spice, of course, but can also plant for more delicious cilantro the next season. Good luck!

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    • eloisesedibles · June 24, 2015

      Thank you!
      I’m certainly going to keep on going with it and thank you so much for all your fabulous tips! I need all the help I can get lol 🙂
      No I don’t have cilantro in there but maybe when I extend the garden a but more I’ll add some in there.
      I’m really looking forward to being able to pick my own herbs instead of buying them, it can be so expensive these days and not nearly as tasty as having super fresh produce from the garden in your dishes 🙂

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  3. mothermi6 · June 24, 2015

    Hi Eloise
    You have a talent for humour! Keep it up. It is as you say, with regards to growing living beings: attention, TLC, food, drink, warmth and light. Evangeline

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    • eloisesedibles · June 24, 2015

      Thank you Evangeline 🙂
      Yes, that’s certainly what I’ve been learning the past couple of weeks!
      I hope they grow up nice and strong with the extra added attention that I’ve been giving them…. Only time will tell though.

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  4. christianliving2014 · June 24, 2015


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  5. Snapshotsincursive · June 28, 2015

    Herbs are the heart and soul of cooking, in my opinion. 🍓
    Do Opposites Attract?
    By the way, I have been following your blog and really enjoy the gifts and talents you share there. As a result, I would like to know a little more about you. Thus, I have selected you for the next round of the “LOVE 😻 / HATE 😼 Blogger Challenge!”
    I’m not aware if you’ve been asked before, but I must discover if you think opposites do attract! Please follow the link to

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  6. penneyvanderbilt · July 1, 2015

    Reblogged this on Ancien Hippie.

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  7. susanpots · July 3, 2015

    Plants like lots of love, and they like being talked to (maybe it is the carbon dioxide you exhale?).
    Keep at it. Rosemary, oregano & chives are easy to grow for me – like in: indestructible.
    Good luck – it is so much fun to go to my own herb garden to clip some for dinner.

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  8. nirvanama · July 26, 2015

    Really liked your herb garden! have always thought of having one myself. Hope i can get one started to suit the climate of India! Very inspired!!!


  9. DeLaney Barr · August 3, 2015

    THIS is absolutely adorable!!! Love it!

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  10. goodfoodwholelife · August 4, 2015

    Eloise.. you have just motivated me to make my third attempt at a successful herb garden. I can keep a husband, dog, cat and hermit crabs alive but anything planted in dirt seems to shrivel and die within a few months. Wish me luck for this weekend!

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    • eloisesedibles · August 4, 2015

      I hope it’s third time lucky for you 😊 If I can keep some plants alive then I’m sure you can….. I had some plant casualties but for the most part I was able to keep a successful herb garden alive! Good luck!

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  11. 100poundfoodie · August 7, 2015

    I definitely admire you growing your plants. It might not be easy to maintain, but surely the best way to get the freshest for our kitchen 😉

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