Why I Teach When Im Hungry


So last night I found myself not as passionate in the cooking class that I was teaching, I felt a bit flat. Although my clients feedback was fabulous, I felt like it was a struggle to get through the 3 hours and I can put it down to one thing…. I ate too much before I went to work!

Now this might sound weird but  think about this, when you’re on you way  to go to a new or favourite restaurant that you’ve been waiting all week to go to, the anticipation of what you might order is exciting what the whole experience is going to be especially with an empty stomach. Its the same when I go into a class, I have found that I need to have an empty or what I like to call “a comfortable” stomach to really feel the passion and excitement of the food that the clients are creating.

When I’ve eaten too much before a class I feel heavy and lethargic and with a combination of 3 hours of public speaking nerves in a class and the pressure of entertaining clients this can be a bad mix.

I also always try to eat something completely different for dinner from what I’m teaching that night to keep the passion of the food at its peak. When you think about it, its like once you’ve had your meal and someone asks you how it was you can honestly say that it was good but you are now satisfied so its no longer exciting and that comes through in your discussion while teaching.

Its taken me a while (like a whole year) to figure out my perfect stomach balance but I think I have found it now!


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