Restaurant Reads – Bathers Beach House Fremantle


Its late afternoon, you and your partner have decided to take the opportunity to get out of the house on a sunny public holiday. You both want to go to a place over looking the water so you can watch the world go by while sipping wine and one of your favourite places that ticks this box is Bathers Beach House in Fremantle.

Why this particular restaurant you might ask? Well it has a bit of everything, its food is simply fabulous, the atmosphere is comfortable even when its busy and the view from the restaurant is to die for! There is no other place I have seen that creates a little oasis so well and so close to a bustling hub of restaurants right outside their door step.

As you both hop out of the cab and walk hand in hand up the footpath towards Bathers Beach House, you think about how lucky you are to be living in a city where you have so many options to travel a relatively short distance and end up with great food, great wine, a great atmosphere and of course (the best part) great company!

The Food

The restaurant is in full swing when you arrive, the hum in the air awakens your senses as you walk through the door and search for a table. Your partner finds a high bar and chairs close to the counter away from the rowdy beer garden area outside and you sit facing each other.

Wine ordered….. check!

Now to focus on the food. You both aren’t in the mood for a main meal so you decide to opt for share plates instead. This is a great idea as you can sample a range of dishes from the menu and you both agree on the dips with oil and charred bread, sea salt and pepper squid with fried parsley and citrus aioli, hot wings with tangy slaw and some sweet potato fries. Your partner goes up to the counter and orders the chosen dishes while you sip on the wine and watch the people out on the beach.

As you and your partner wait for the food, you talk about organising the upcoming family holiday that is in the next school holidays and place it in the calendar on your mobile phone. Coming to the end of the discussion about the holiday plans is when the food arrives at the table, this is perfect timing as you can feel your tummy rumbling!

Dips, Oil and Charred Bread with Sea Salt and Pepper Squid, Fried Parsley and Citrus Aioli

Picking up and biting into the bread, you could tell it was fresh. There was a crispy outside and a soft and fluffy inside. What surprises you is that the bread had a great smokey flavour which, when paired with the accompaniments and blended with the balsamic oil, brought out the sweetness in the capsicum dip and tickles your tastebuds with a hint of chilli. The hummus had its own personality, it was smooth and creamy, just like a hummus should be and ran smoothly in your mouth.

The squid was piping hot but once it cooled down slightly you could tell that its was going to be something special. It had a salty and crispy crust and as you dipped the squid into the little tub of the creamy aioli, you were surprised that the citrus in the aioli cut through the richness of the dish.


Hot Wings with Tangy Slaw

A caution to the patrons ordering this… it is spicy!!!

Popping the tender little wings into your mouth you could tell that it was too spicy for you to be able to handle (they did warn us on the menu and boy oh boy did they deliver!!) but your partner loves it so you let him munch away. The slaw was very enjoyable, there is no mayo in it but still had a creamy element to it which was pleasant.


Sweet Potato Fries

The crispy, sweet and salty chips did not disappoint! It was a welcome change from the usual order of normal potato fries that are available on menus when out and this change went down a treat. The newspaper it came on was a perfectly patriotic tribute to Australia as ANZAC Day was the reason we were having the public holiday.


You’ve finished the food and wait for it to settle in your stomachs as you finish off the bottle of wine. You and your partner both agree that 4 hours of indulgence is enough and that you two should probably be getting home.

As you get up from the table, the sun is setting over the beach. Its clear to see that the view is another reason why you come to this spot… its like heaven on earth!!!


If you would like to have a similar dining experience. Please visit the Bathers Beach House page below.

Its certainly worth it!


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    this is marvalus sectn

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