Taylors Art and Coffee House


 I’ve fallen in love….. no I haven’t run off with another man (because I have the best partner in the world and no one else can match him) and no I haven’t got a new pet (however, this would be awesome). This is a new food love and its name is Taylors Art and Coffee house located in the Swan Valley.

My friend and I try to catch up every month as we both lead rather busy lives. She is a flight attendant and works long and unusual hours so catching up is not always easy (I’m sure everyone has a friend like this who you find it hard to catch up with due to work but when you do its always worth it).

She lives over the other side of Perth, so this time I decided that instead of her coming to my side of the city I would come up and visit her instead. It took me around 45 minutes to reach her house as I passed the city then the airport and found myself going through the large industrial area of Perth and thinking “gee I hope that I’m going in the right direction”. As I moved past the large trucks I found that my friend (who I have never visited before) actually lives in a beautiful country estate near the Swan Valley a.k.a wine and food country!

Since this was my first time in her area she had her favourite café in mind to take me, as she drove, I looked out the window and we chatted about what we had been up to since we saw each other last and where she was going to take me for brunch. As she described it, I become more and more curious. It was a café that was an old house that had been turned into an art studio and had an antique shop attached to it as well…… Wow!

We arrived Taylors Art and Coffee House and made our way to the entrance of the establishment. As we walked through the gates I could see a large courtyard with wine barrels, vines and lanterns hanging from various parts of the trees. It seemed like a perfect introduction to our brunch and instantly made you feel relaxed. You knew you were in wine country!


We walked inside of the café which was to our right of the courtyard and sat down at a table which was next to an old fireplace.


The old world charms of Taylors Art and Coffee House is everywhere! 


Once we had the menus, it didn’t take us long to choose what we wanted to eat and order as we only had 15 minutes before they switched to the lunch menu. I decided to have the bacon and egg roll with their homemade tomato relish and cheese and my friend decided to have the scrambled eggs, toast and a side of bacon.


The bacon and egg roll with their homemade tomato relish and cheese was as delicious as it was ooey and gooey!


My friends scrambled eggs and toast didn’t look to bad either… I could have stolen some 🙂


The bacon was amazing! Somehow the chefs in the café had crisped the skin so it replicated crackle!!!

Once we were full from our food, I decided that I would like to go and explore the other rooms of this very cool old house. As we walked through each room I saw that there was an array of things to see and also so many art items to buy and look at.


As you walked through the rooms, the array of patterned artworks, cushions, blankets were amazing. Every corner of the house had its own little display were you could look at and if you liked it, you could also buy it!


This was my favourite piece in the house. Sitting above the old wooden tables, it looked right at home 🙂

Lastly we came across the art of cakes that the café chefs made….. all on display and ready to be eaten. This to me (being a foodie) was the most beautiful site of all!


If you would like to explore this beautiful little café for yourself and fall in love like I have then please visit the link below.

Taylor’s Art and Coffee House | Swan Valley | Middle Swan



  1. billgncs · April 12, 2015

    I love finding distinct places like this. Thanks for sharing it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • eloisesedibles · April 12, 2015

      I completely agree! Such a fabulous thing to discover a unique place to have brunch 🙂


  2. mynihility · April 13, 2015

    Looks like a lovely place! and it’s so much fun visiting friends from a different city because you get to discover cool new places. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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