Restaurant Reads – Char Char Bull

Its a gloomy Friday night, there’s a cyclone up along the south coast of Western Australia which is causing a rainy date for my partner and I but we don’t care as nothing spoils our one on one time together.

As we walk through the doors of Char Char Bull (an upscale steak house located in Fremantle), we were both happy to be sheltered from the drizzling weather outside. Nothing could stop the smiles on our faces as we entered the restaurant, both my partner and I have never been to Char Char Bull before and for us, this was one of our favourite things to do. We just love the anticipation of what foodie adventures where about to come on.

The restaurant was in full swing when we arrived at 7pm as we walked through the doors, there wasn’t a booking stand when we walked through the door so we slowly started making our way into the restaurant. Then a voice to our left asked us if they could help us, we then realised that the voice was coming from behind the bar area where a staff member was making up drinks. Once we had our names crossed off the reservations book, we were escorted to the veranda area where our table was located and the waiter handed us the menus.


Looking through the menu we decide to go my partners favourite entrée when we are out (chorizo), however this time the chorizo was smoked with a cider reduction and lemon. Oh my goodness! How exciting! I also ordered a very big weakness of mine, free range pork belly with a carrot and tarragon purée, now this to me is a match made in heaven. We also ordered an unusual cocktail on the menu called “the pool” and as you can see by the photos below, it looked like a little oasis in our dreary weather which is just what the doctor ordered.

While we waited for our entrée to arrive, I started to look around the veranda and into the restaurant (or what my partner and I affectionately call “people watching”). There was quite a few groups of people and it looked like there was a lot of people who go to this particular restaurant for celebrations and long over due catch ups due to the hum of the background noise. Now I must state that noise does not annoy me in the slightest (yes, even on date night) in fact the heightened noise brings a certain happy energy to a restaurant.

Our entrées arrive and we tuck into the dishes eagerly. The chorizo had a hint of smokiness and the lemon squeezed onto the cured meat that gave it a beautiful, complex character to the dish and the pork belly was moist and juts fell apart in my mouth, and the pure had a hint of sweetness, it was literally to die for! As we were eating our entrées we were also sipping on “the pool” cocktail, it came it with a blue liquid on top of the cocktail glass which you poured into to glass below. It gave the cocktail a vibrant aqua colour and as you sipped it, it had a coconut/tropical flavour which took you away from the restaurant and onto an exclusive tropical beach.



Once the empty entrée plates had been removed from the table, we sat back and relaxed while our food digested while we waited for our mains to come out. My partner had ordered the scotch fillet with a caramelised onion and peppercorn jus (after all it is a steak house), and I was going to have the crispy skinned chicken with caramelised pumpkin purée and smoked bacon jus (because I couldn’t go past the intrigue of the smoked bacon jus on the menu, I just kept going back).

The rain was coming down quite hard at this point in the evening and even though this was the case, there was no breeze which meant that even though our table was on the veranda, we were not getting a hint of rain. The restaurant is located on a boardwalk where there was a view of a few yachts that had been docked up and the group on board where eating fish and chips from the place next door. This was an interesting sight as we could see what they were doing through the rain and it looked like they were looking right back at us.

It didn’t take long until our mains had arrived at our table, the steak had a beautiful char line through the meat and this gave it a smokiness which paired well with the sweetness in the caramelised onion and peppercorn jus. My crispy chicken with caramelised pumpkin purée and smoked bacon jus was just divine (lets face it, anything with smoked bacon jus is going to be a winner in my books).

I couldn’t finish all of my main meal as I was a bit full from the entrée so once my partner finished is steak he quickly devoured the rest of my main. As you can see from the picture below, there wasn’t much left on the plate after he got his hands on the chicken hehe!



Even though we are very full at this stage, we just had to go for dessert (after all if you’re going to go out on a date, we might as well do it properly). My partner decided to order an Affogato while I just had to order a Mango and Coconut Pannacotta with a Passion fruit sorbet and  an orange, apple, Cointreau and mint salsa, with sesame snap and mango Collis just to stop my curiosity of how it will all blend together.

When  the desserts came to the table, you could see the simple but elegant presentation of both dishes. The Affogato was a perfect finish to the meal for my partner (its one of his favourite things to our when we are to finish off the meal, well that or a baileys) and my Pannacotta had a lot of complex flavours but it just worked. Its was like summer in my mouth, just what I wanted to escape the drizzly weather outside.

When we got up to pay the bill and walk out, the waiters and waitresses said goodbye as we passed them which I though was a nice touch. Thanks to Char Char Bull for making our date night so memorable!


If you would like to have a similar dining experience as our Friday date night. Please visit the Char Char Bull Restaurant page below.



  1. Him · March 22, 2015

    Looks lovely! I’ve not visited Australia yet, but you certainly make it appealing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • eloisesedibles · March 23, 2015

      Thank you 🙂
      I hope you visit Australia soon! It’s a beautiful place to visit.


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