Moreish Mousse!


I’ve been going out a lot lately (funny when that’s my passion) and not surprisingly, my general catch ups with everyone has revolved around food which, I have found is awesome for doing a little bit of recon to see what everyone is doing in the food industry.

When I go to a restaurant or café, I love to see the places we frequent grow and become more creative in their meal choices as the clients become bolder and more educated in their food choices. While some places have been pushing the boundaries, some other restaurants and cafes have been taking an old favourite recipe and perfecting each dish to grow their reputation instead.

One thing I have noticed is how much the humble mousse has come back into foodie fashion this year, a month ago I visited friends and family in Brisbane and I was happy to see that most of the menus had their own twist on the traditional moreish mousse. I have also seen it coming into foodie fashion back home in Perth where I’m finding it more and more on the menus as well. It might not always be the star on the dish but its creeping back more and more even as an accompaniment to the hero (or star) on the plate.

This is music to my ears as mousse has to be hands down one of my favourite items on a menu. Even though most of the times we can see  mousse on the menu as a dessert, it can also be incorporated into savoury dishes. The great thing about mousse is that its like goldie locks and the 3 bears story. You can have it in a number of different ways, thick, fluffy, sweet, savoury and for most people, they can find a mousse that is (and I quote) “just right”.

This classic item brings back nostalgic memories and as a result whenever I see mousse on a menu, it creates a feeling of wonderment in a dish and I can’t help but get excited by the prospect of what it might be.

As a child, when I went out to dinner with the family, this was the dessert I got when I was really good. It was a treat and to this day, it still feels like a special meal that I will only have if I discover it on a restaurant menu and the connection between my life long memories and food is why I am a passionate foodie.



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