Working Under Pressure


She just fainted!

One minute she was smiling and laughing as I was talking about the beautiful food we were about to create and next minute she was walking towards the door with her boyfriend and the just fell to the ground.

Now I’m no stranger to stress. For my career I public speak (which is something that most people find the most stressful thing to do) and in previous years I have not been a stranger to managing a highly busy restaurant in an entertainment venue.

It’s busy, it’s stressful and demanding but I can handle it but what I have found is that I can’t handle medical emergencies. This is a whole new kind of stress that is unfamiliar to me in my everyday life and for other people it could be using a Brule torch or learning how to flambe, so it poses the question. What is your point that makes takes you to your “stress break”?

P.s. The lady who fainted is fine and doing well 🙂


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