The Turning Point – Post Holiday Diet of a Food-a-holic

Iced Chocolate and Iced Coffee 4

My partner and I look at each other, completely stuffed after another long boozy lunch with friends. This has been the breaking point for both of us on this trip. We have been away for a week now for a wedding and also to visit friends and family in Brisbane and have felt our waistlines grow with every mouthful of every meal we have had in every beautiful restaurant we have indulged in. This is the last day of the trip and I can tell you that we have certainly enjoyed ourselves but as all good things, it has now come to an end as on Monday morning my partner and I have agreed to go on a diet for 5 weeks. 

Since we started dating a year ago, my partner and I have gradually been putting on weight. Like any couple we have become happy and comfortable in our relationship, enjoying our company, going on dates and unfortunately diet and exercise has been pushed to the way side. We have both been aware of our growing bellies but it hasn’t been until recently that we have both been feeling rather uncomfortable in our cloths and that we really needed to do something about it.

I was excited about being pro active in starting this weight loss journey and it was empowering thought that the prospect of fitting into my old “skinny” cloths again could become a reality (You know the ones that are stuffed at the back of your closet waiting for the day that you finally find the motivation to get back into shape) I had tried my “skinny” cloths on from time to time when I had thought that I had lost weight and was having a skinny day. This resulted in me pulling on a beautiful pair of jeans that I once fitted so nicely and could only get the pants just above my knees. The realisation of how much weight I had actually put on was very apparent in this instant and the depressed, unhappy and guilty feelings wash over me as I ripped of the size 10 jeans and stood there with them in my hands, I studied the beloved pair that I so desperately wanted to fit into.

I had been in this situation before so the feelings as you can imagine are familiar to me and the one saving grace is that this time I had support in the form of my loving partner. Having someone who is prepared to sacrifice the yummy foods with you in order to get you back into the beloved “skinny” cloths makes the sacrifices to come more bearable, less daunting and for that I know I will be eternally grateful for. This time round on the diet train that I’m about to step into, I felt determined and confident that I could do it and this time I had a plan!



  1. Rosh · October 26, 2014

    I’m with ya. I want to get into those skinny clothes too!

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    • eloisesedibles · October 26, 2014

      You can do it Rosh! I’m starting my quest tomorrow so wish me luck 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Rosh · October 26, 2014

        Good luck and I’ll be thinking about you to get inspired!

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  2. ClaireWithTheHair · October 26, 2014

    My food & activity diary may help with ideas of tips, we are on week 7 now but all the weeks are available to see. Good luck with it all

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  3. jeanaux · October 27, 2014

    I feel exactly the same way! Holidays eh? Bring on the lettuce

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    • eloisesedibles · October 27, 2014

      I agree completely jeanaux! This is the first day of the diet….. Bring it on!


  4. linnetmoss · October 28, 2014

    Ah, the happiness poundage. I can relate. After my honeymoon, I could not fit into my clothes. I recommend soup four times a week, and no between meal snacks 🙂 Good luck!

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    • eloisesedibles · October 28, 2014

      Thank you so much for the tip on the soup!
      Yes the happiness poundage had certainly caught up with me 🙂


  5. thehungrymum · October 29, 2014

    Oooh, I hear ya! I have been overdoing it too often lately and everything is just too tight 😦 I need to drop some kgs but at the same time I am #lazy

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    • eloisesedibles · October 29, 2014

      Haha yes 🙂 that’s the problem with being a food-a-holic we a cursed to eat and create amazing food that might not be as good for us as we would like it to be! As a result our cloths start to get a little bit uncomfortable 😉


  6. tableofcolors · November 2, 2014

    Best of luck with your efforts! So lucky to have a supportive partner next to you…I think it is the key to success.

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