Critics Corner – Lazy Lunches

Deep Fried Camembert

*Sigh* so its Wednesday, the middle of the week and by this point you are probably going to work, day dreaming of the weekend ahead and the weekend that was. Wishing that you could either go back in time to relive all of those great memories you have formed or hurry up the week for some much needed TLC and fun!

Now I don’t know about you but after a hard week at work there is no better way that I like to relax than getting dressed up and going somewhere nice with the one you love (especially when you get a very rare occurrence with no plans and being child free).

Even though it is an overcast day, both my partner and I had a sunny disposition as we walk towards JACS Restaurant in Applecross. Neither us had visited this restaurant before and boy oh boy were we in for a surprise!

We were seated outside in the small garden area, underneath a heater. It was a nice spot to sit as you could watch the people inside and outside the restaurant.

When the waitress arrived we ordered some items off the tapas menu which included Chorizo with Lemon, Pulled Beef Pies and (OMG my most favourite thing in the whole widest world!) Deep Fried Camembert with a BlackBerry Reduction.

The Chorizo and Lemon was soft and juicy while the Pulled Beef Pies were buttery and melt in your mouth but the highlight for me was the ooey gooey Deep Fried Camembert!

When I go out, I want to find something different that stands out from the rest of the menu and for me the Deep Fried Camembert is one of those things. Its a dish that never gets old and is very hard to find on a menu these days.

You will find that a lot of dishes will become “trendy” and so the new, popular dishes will push the old favourites off the menu as each food establishment follows one another to put the trending dishes on the menu (but always with their own twist to keep things interesting). So when you find something that you haven’t seen on the menu in ages, it makes you excited to come back to your new found restaurant gem and glad that you took a chance on a new place to eat.


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